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Politico: Macron, the Lonely Europeanist

April 27th, 2020


When I met with Emmanuel Macron last September, the youthful French president appeared on the brink of despair. He was struggling in vain to persuade other European leaders to coalesce behind a strategic vision that would ensure Europe could defend its future interests in a resurgent big-power rivalry with Russia, China and the United States.

His impatience showed as he described his frustrations in getting other European leaders to share his urgency in preparing for the next big crisis to test Europe.

Washington Post: France is prepared to extend its nuclear deterrent to Germany

February 28th, 2019


As exasperation grows in Europe about U.S. leadership of the Atlantic alliance, France has taken the bold and unprecedented step of pledging to extend its nuclear deterrent to cover German territory in the case of armed aggression.

The French action comes as perhaps the strongest signal yet that European governments are reevaluating basic defense doctrines that have underpinned the Western alliance for the past 70 years. Senior officials in France and Germany say Europe needs new security concepts that address the rise of China, the return of Russia as a belligerent actor and the disengagement of the United States.

Washington Post: France is prepared to extend its nuclear deterrent to Germany

April 17th, 2018


When Emmanuel Macron arrives at the White House this month for the first state visit by a foreign leader during President Trump’s administration, the encounter will serve as a stark reminder that the fate of the Western alliance now lies in the hands of one of history’s oddest diplomatic couples.

Macron , who at 40 is three decades younger than Trump, disdains the president’s abrasive nature and many of his policies, notably on Iran and climate change. The French president prefers books, ideas and lofty intellectual conversation to the aggressive transactional style embodied by Trump, who favors television over written text.

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